Steamed Cheeseburgers Arrive …

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All the way from Hartford, Connecticut in the eastern part of the United States, we proudly introduce the first Steamed Cheeseburgers outside the United States to our menu.

You will be able to enjoy these healthy, mouth watering Cheeseburgers, with a blanket of ooey, gooey Cheddar Cheese covering these beautiful burgers.

Steamed Cheeseburgers are a staple in the USA, with the Steamed Cheeseburger offering a healthier alternative to those residing in Connecticut, with no additional fats being used to the burger patty on a flat grill. These steamer cabinets used to make these beautiful burgers, allow the meat to cook in its own juices, then once cooked, the patty is removed from the cabinet, the excess fats are drained off and you are served a healthier, tastier burger.

The cheese is also steamed within the same cabinet, the burgers take up to 12 minutes for well done and the cheese melts into ooey, gooey goodness in around 4 minutes, so I can tell you, it is definitely worth the wait.

Burgers will be available with a list of condiments and varieties, or build your burger masterpiece. They will appear on our new menu on effective 3 September 2013.

We look forward to serving you one (or two!!).