Southern United States
Staple Food – Smokehouse BBQ

We have encapsulated the flavours and cooking methods of the Southern United States and bought them here to Australia for you to enjoy. Our products have unique smokey characteristics which you may not have tasted before. It is sweet, succulent and addictive, yet totally legal!

Once you taste our products, you’ll be hooked and be craving more.

Our Mission Statement:

“It is our Mission to introduce succulent smokey flavours of meats cooked Low & Slow to entice your taste buds and woo your palate with the mouthwatering offerings of the Southern United States”


  • Our Meats are prepared using the “Memphis Style” of cooking Southern BBQ
  • This means a dry rub is applied to the Meats prior to cooking, then adding a light “kiss” of Apple Wood Smoke during the cooking process.
  • Our Meats are cooked low and slow in our imported Smoker Ovens for up to 18 hours to infuse those Southern flavours into the meats we serve.
  • The Meats are served without sauce or “Dry”, Sauce can then be added by the customer according to his/her own personal taste

Please note that a light pink smoke ring forms under the “bark” on smoked meats.

Our Chicken also takes on a light pink colouring when smoked, taking on the characteristics that the meat may look to be under cooked, but rest assured, it is cooked and ready for your consumption, a smokey taste which we know you will love.

(Mike Mills sharing his Pit Master experiences)

We are an Australian Owned and Operated business, with ties back to Memphis Tennessee. The original seed was planted in Little Rock, Arkansas and it grew from there.

Pit Master Big Dave has trained under some of the South’s finest Pit Masters in Mike Mills and Skip Steele. He has been trained to use the equipment, cook the food and make the sides all with the love and passion of the South, just like the good Lord intended.

The bulk of our equipment has been sourced from the Southern United States to allow us to reproduce exactly the correct taste, including our rubs and BBQ Sauce, Condiments and Packaging. We are constantly upgrading & introducing new equipment and additional menu items.

Our goal has been to reproduce Southern BBQ in sight, smell and taste without having to fly some 14,000 miles to try it for yourself in Memphis, Tennessee.

We hope you enjoy the offerings that the good Lord has blessed us with, which will tantalize your taste buds with a frenzy of flavours previously unavailable on Australian Soil.