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Memphis BBQ Pit

Memphis BBQ Pit is blessed to have enjoyed 2½ years of good trading since our entry into the Australian Fast/Casual Market, bringing the flavours and taste of the traditional “Southern BBQ Smoking” of meats, through meat cooked “low & slow” infusing the culinary senses of the food produced in the Southern United States.

Our roots are firmly planted in both Memphis, Tennessee with our Pit Master David Musgrave (known as Big Dave), learning the ropes and cutting his teeth through the teachings of legendary Champion Pit Masters such as Skip Steele (Super Smokers) and Mike Mills (17th Street BBQ & Apple City BBQ).

Big Dave’s passion was sparked after viewing an episode of the show “Man v Food”, centered on Philanthropist Jennings Osborne (1943 – 2011), his wife Mitzi and Daughter Allison (Breezy) and their combined passion for Southern Style BBQ and cooking for the masses.

The Osborne family hails from Little Rock, Arkansas. They shared their love for BBQ by providing copious amounts of food to those involved in community services (Police, Fire, Ambulance), free of charge as their way of thanking them for the tireless efforts they provide to their community on a day to day basis.

Our Logo and Memphis Pig are based upon Jennings himself as a testament to this great man and his family and the work they did that inspired us to open this business half a globe away. It is with deep regret that I never got to meet this wonderful man before his passing, but he will always hold a special place at Memphis BBQ Pit and Q2GO, we know he is watching over us.

Our first store opened on April 28, 2013 in Jamisontown (Penrith) NSW after 2 years of planning and implementation. We now have a solid customer base for counter sales as well as catering for Corporate, Outdoor and Private Catering functions.
We are currently looking to franchising further outlets for “Q2GO” Kiosks, Food Trucks and Small to large Memphis BBQ Pit Fast / Casual Stores throughout Sydney, spreading the word of Southern BBQ to the masses.

We have just purchased our first trailer mounted Smoker Oven that will allow us to smoke and slow cook our meats right in front of your eyes at your home or workplace. This trailer is due to arrive in Sydney from the USA by January 2016.
We hope you will enjoy the taste of our Smokehouse BBQ products. Please tell your friends about us and return often. Our menu is constantly changing and evolving. We continue adding new and succulent menu items, all rooted from the South, offering a unique food taste like no other!!

I could not have done this without all those who gave me the inspiration, drive and time to bring this concept to Australia, especially Jennings Osborne for without his passion I would never have visited the USA and learnt how to cook these wonderful low and slow smoked meats and sides.

May he eternally Rest in Peace at that great BBQ Pit in the sky!!

“Our roots may come from The South, but the taste comes from Heaven”.

Yo’all comes back now, yer hear!
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