“Are you HUNGRY enough to try the

Calling all Burger Buffs!!!

Our second Man v Food Challenge on the Menu
is known as the “American Dream Challenge”

The challenge consists of three parts:

  1. The first part of the challenge is to consume an American Dream Burger consisting of 12 x 1/3 pound patties, 12 slices of American Cheese and 24 Eye Bacon Pieces, Lettuce and Onion on a Burger Bun, which must be eaten in its entirety, and;
  2. The second part of the challenge is to consume a full pound of Fries (cooked weight), which must be eaten in its entirety, and;
  3. The third part of the challenge is to consume a full 1250 millilitre bottle of Soda, which must be consumed in its entirety.

Complete all of the three parts listed above in their entirety in a timed period of no more than Thirty (30) Minutes.

All challengers will be recorded by recording device undertaking the challenge.

If you are successful in completing the challenge as setout above within the 30 minute time frame and consume all of the Burger, the Fries and the Soda, you will receive a T-Shirt stating you have completed the challenge, receive a refund of the money paid to undertake the challenge & your photo will be posted on the “Tower of Power”.


  • Being under the age of 18. All contestants must provide a valid photo ID
  • Receiving assistance to consume any part of the challenge by any third party
  • Any health risks that could jeopardize the contestant’s health or wellbeing
  • Under the influence of any substance
  • Failure to complete the 30 minute time limit to eat all the Burger, the Fries and the Soda in their entirety
  • Throwing up or regurgitating is prohibited
  • Tampering with any of the approved timing devices

This is a large food consumption challenge. This challenge should not be attempted or consumed by persons with any medical conditions relating to the consumption and passing of food.

Do you DARE?

See in-store for full Terms & Conditions
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