Introduction of Delectable Desserts!

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We are expanding our menu to include 2 new dessert items as of 30 July 2013. These are Key Lime Pie and Banana Cream Pudding, both are made by a friend of ours who dabbles in catering, who hails from Vancouver, Washington on the US West Coast.

These desserts are not for the calorie conscious as they are packed with flavour, goodness and are some of the most delectable desserts I have ever eaten.

The Key Lime Pie has an authentic “Graham Cracker” base, which we import from the US, and the filling is loaded with fresh limes, it is the best dessert I have ever eaten. The Banana Cream Pudding is filled with fresh ingredients including ripe, Australian Bananas and based again with Graham Crackers.

If you love your desserts (and who doesn’t), we look forward to seeing you at The Pit to try a “slice of heaven” or a “bowl of goodness”, you won’t be disappointed!!